Board Members

Prof. Dr. Fulvio CALISE, General and Transplant Surgery, Naples-Italy

Prof. Dr. Martin CZERNY, Vascular Surgery, Bern-Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Michael GRIMM, Cardiac Surgery, Innsbruck-Austria

Prof. Dr. Angela GROEGER, Vascular and Cardiac Surgery, Naples-Italy

Prof. Dr. Johannes LAMMER,
                        Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology, Vienna-Austria

Prof. Dr. Michael Rolf MUELLER, Thoracic Surgeon, Vienna-Austria

Prof. Dr. Martin-Franz RIEGLER, General Surgery / Upper and lower                                              gastro-intestinal dysfunction, Vienna-Austria

Dr. Gianpaolo SANTINI, Radiology, Naples-Italy

Prof. Dr. Thomas SCALEA, F.A.C.S., F.C.C.M, Trauma Surgery, Maryland-USA

Prof. Dr. Ernst WOLNER, Heart and Thoracic Surgery, Vienna-Austria



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