ESISE (European Society for Interdisciplinary Surgical Education) focuses on the scientific and educational needs for interdisciplinary cooperation within surgical and other medical fields.


Scientists from Europe and other continents are entitled to join the Society as Members.


ESISE closely co-operates with national and international authorities, partners in the private sector, and stakeholder organisations in order to develop advanced scientific research projects.


Our aims include the organisation of interdisciplinary ESISE-Workshops for several surgical specialities, which will take place twice a month, primarily in the meeting-facilities of our offices in Vienna.


ESISE is affiliated with the International Institute of Anticancer Research (IIAR,


The IIAR journal IN VIVO International Journal of Experimental and Clinical Pathophysiology and Drug Research is the ESISE official journal.


You are invited to join our trendsetting and unique interdisciplinary community and to get all the benefits of continous advanced education in surgical-biomedical research and practice.


We warmly welcome your participation in the activities of ESISE, all dedicated to a better medical future.

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